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mm labs –
we help our clients to understand the future

Our vision is to become leader in making corporate innovation tools and methods accessible for local and international businesses in China. To do so and achieve our mission to deliver solutions for the future, mm labs is especially making use of user-centered methods and rapid development techniques.


Leveraging our UI and UX experience we focus on design thinking and hence put this methodology at the core of our services. Guiding our clients through every step of the process to help them shape, deliver and finally execute their digital transformation strategy.



In addition, our teams rapidly prototype and create great user experiences. As a result, we produce products and establish businesses that reshape industries. We help to execute and deliver digital solutions that align with your customers’ needs and also with your company strategy.



Most of all we accelerate the impact of cross-industry digitization by facilitating and consequently being part of a transparent ecosystem. Our network of high-quality partners furthermore allows you to access dedicated teams during all steps of the design thinking process.


About Us

mm//labs is a Shanghai-based venture launched by mediaman. Most noteworthy, mm//labs helps its clients to understand the future and make (Chinese) innovation accessible to local and international corporations. Our company is driven by entrepreneurs and guided by design thinking principles. We, therefore offer workshops covering topics around corporate innovation and venture design among others. In addition, we lead a strong internal (IT) team that delivers you products, great experiences and businesses ready for the future. Together with established partners, mm/labs guarantee you to combine high-quality domain knowledge with scalable execution capabilities to strengthen your corporate innovation efforts.

What our customers say about us

Good work Moritz and team – thank you!

Wieke Sjahrir
Wieke SjahrirGSMA - Mobile World Congress